Old School RuneScape Android Game App Review

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Old School RuneScape for Android is a gaming app that has been the first popular and well crafted role playing adventurous game bases on the MMO technology. First released in the year 2001, during which time role playing and MMO technology in games have just started to mushroom. Old School RuneScape game is shaped by its users as it is played online. Developers release updates regularly based on feedback from players.

Play the game to your hearts content

Old School RuneScape for Android with over 260 million players has an innovative platform which is revolutionary in MMORPG gaming which is led by community. Developers propose new content on the app for its users to vote. Based on the votes, they will add the content to the game. Polls are conducted and the players are the decision makers who have helped shape the game. You start off as a lone adventurer with complete freedom to do whatever you want. The interface and controls are reasonably easy, you just need to hop in and jump out with taps on the appropriate spots.

Old School RuneScape Android Game App Review

There are about 23 skills to master and hundreds of quests to conquer. Traverse the land of fossil island and discover its history. There are two extraordinary battles, the chambers of Xeric and the Theatre of Blood. You will be finding your own way through the Karamjan jungle and explore the barren wasted of the Kharidian desert. In the quest to complete the challenges, you endure dragons, volcanic eruptions and vampires. The quest combines puzzles and the game play has a humor which you will not miss.


Old School RuneScape for Android, developed by Jagex, is keen on making games cross platform friendly that offers seamless experience where you just play the game anywhere with whoever you want. You can download the game in any desktop login and start off from wherever you left. The app is free to download with in-app purchases and ads. There are a lot of advantages of a subscription, as you get to access a world map that is three times larger, additional skill, more quests and extra bank accounts.

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