Open Camera Android App Review

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Open Camera Android App comes with lots of cool features for taking stunning photographs. We can use this app as a substitute for our normal device camera app as it holds more features and easy to monitor. The app is developed for those who take photography as a serious profession where we can manually control the basic camera features to our own requirements. We can easily add color effects, customize JPEG quality, can take HDR shots, customize storage location and can control settings such as ISO, Exposure, White Balance etc. The app is free to download and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Best choice for photographers

Open Camera App for Android is a perfect choice for photographers where we can experience almost all features that a camera app must have. We can set auto-stabilize option in the application to get more perfect images with different effects, scene modes etc. We can set the timer to take images or can monitor the app by voice commanding to take a picture. The user interface is been made much user friendly and it has different wide variety of options. We can view images upside down or can overlay grids and crop guides while taking photos.

The Open Camera Android App also has features to add our location, add date and time, custom texts etc. to the photos and videos we take. Depending on the devices, we can set panoramas for both front and back cameras, HDR support, Exposure bracketing, manual control support, burst mode, slow motion video etc. Noise reduction is another feature where we can remove unwanted particles from our image in normal and also in low light mode, also dynamic optimization mode is also present for taking high quality photos. It also has built in options for on-screen histogram, zebra stripes, focus peaking, focus bracketing mode etc.

For Stunning photos & videos

Open Camera Android App is the best in the android platform to use as a camera app rather normal device camera software. The app does not contain any third party app and is been easy to control. Further updates will bring more stunning features to the app and it is been supported in almost all android devices. Apart from the basic features, this app provides many customization options for photos and videos for the users.

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