Outfolded Puzzle Game for iPhone Review

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Outfolded for iPhone is a minimalist, endless puzzle game wherein you unfold shapes to reach your goal. If you’d enjoyed games like Flipominos, then you might very much like Outfolded as well. Outfolded app can be downloaded for free from iTunes App Store.


Outfolded iPhone puzzle game app has beautiful minimalistic isometric aesthetic that is eye catchy. The angled 3D top-down perspective is similar to Monument Valley. The color theme that ranges from softer pastels to more vibrant hues looks gorgeous. The subtle backgrounds match the foreground colors nicely. The animations in the game are slick and smooth without any apparent lags. The ambient, tranquil soundtrack is a joy to listen to. Overall, the game has decent graphics and immersive soundtrack. Outfolded for iPhone is an infinite game with levels for you to go through, one at a time, and the stages transition seamlessly into each other. Your objective in the game is to unfold shapes to reach the end point, which is the flashing space on the grid. Even though it might sound a bit easy, there will be holes on the layout that you got to navigate around. Further, you got to think the logical direction in which the shapes will go as you unfold it. The game provides unlimited number of undoes so that you can go back and try again should you make any mistake. Long pressing the undo button clears all shapes and starts the level all over again. The game comes with a hint system that guides you if you’re stuck.

Outfolded Puzzle Game for iPhone Review

The controls in Outfolded game are intuitive enough. The ribbon at the bottom left holds all the shapes that you’ll be using for the level. Simply tap and drag the shapes on to the board. The tutorial at the beginning tells you what to do in the game. Once the shape is on the board, simply swipe your finger in the direction that you want to unfold the shape towards. If the shape runs out of sides, you’ll see a flashing square on the surface. This is where you put the next shape on, and repeat the process until you reach the goal. As you progress, you’ll get more intricate grids and shapes that require some amount of thinking and planning as to how to reach the objectives. When you get past level six, you’ll unlock daily challenges. They are different each day, and trickier than the standard fare. If you successfully manage to solve them, you’ll get more hints to use. Outfolded also offers Game Center support for leaderboards.


Outfolded for iPhone is enjoyable as well as challenging as you progress. The graphics looks stunning with the minimalist isometric perspective and fantastic color palette. The background score is soothing. In the game, you’ll make lots of mistakes. But unlimited number of undo’s makes your life easier. Check the game out if you want something that is challenging and different from the usual puzzlers.

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