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Technology has made our lives simpler in a lot of ways. Our smart phone itself helps us to carry out complicated tasks. One such task is tracking courier packages. There are some apps that help you to track your packages with just a few taps. One of the best apps that help you to do that is Android ParcelTrack –Package Tracker for FedEx, UPS and USPS. So, how does it make it easier to track your packages? Let’s find out shall we?

Tracking Package with Ease

We have seen a lot of parcel tracking apps on the Google Play Store and like us, you might have used a few yourself as well. So, what makes ParcelTrack for Android different from all of them? Well, there are a few things that you would absolutely love as they make your life so simpler. For example, the app assigns a random user ID and email. When you send an email with the package details to this account, servers automatically extracts the tracking ID. This means that you would never have to enter your tracking ID to track the package. The app automatically detects the carrier from the tracking ID. You would also get push notifications and delivery forecast.

ParcelTrack for Android also has a unique feature called ‘Who has my package’ which tells you if the package is left with a neighbor. Smart, isn’t it? There are very few packaging apps that bring all these features in one place. You can get access to features like ‘who has my package’, barcode scanner and notifications customizer when you subscribe to the Premium features of the app.

App Highlights

Ability to track packages from a large number of companies like FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL, TNT and more.
Automatic carrier detection
Delivery forecast
Push notifications
Barcode Scanner


If you are looking for a package tracker app for your phone, then ParcelTrack for Android is just what you need. Get the app today and simplify the task of tracking your packages.

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