PEAR – Personal Fitness Coach iPhone App Review

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PEAR – Personal Fitness Coach for iPhone is a fitness app with loads of great workouts from the experts in the field. Getting fit is never going to be this easy. You have a fitness goal and this personal fitness coach app helps you reach their pretty quick. Be it a marathon; shed extra pounds, gain muscle or just stay in shape PEAR is here to help. A smart training app that is quite interactive with coaching from world class trainers, you will find yourself getting trained from real time personal trainers.

Get fit in numerous possible ways tailor made for you

PEAR – Personal Fitness Coach for iPhone lets you find the workout you love from hundreds of workouts that help you get fit the way you want and serves your purpose. Whether it is running, treadmills, spin, strength or yoga. The trading is real time from athletes and world champions with real human voices without impersonation. The respective videos of each workouts will let you see how you need to do it without any errors. You can get a tailor made workout package based on your fitness goal. This will enable you to quickly start on with the workout routine without wasting time on finding out the tight one for you.

PEAR - Personal Fitness Coach iPhone App Review

The smart workout packages informs you when you need to speed up or slow down and also can be packed into miniscule packs so you can perform them anywhere anytime. The app covers any body type and has something for everyone. The workouts are tracked to let you know how you have been improving and gives informed recommendations. Connect with Apple health and get enhanced wholesome experience on your health. PEAR app requires iOS 9.3 or later.

Best Personal Fitness Coach Application

PEAR – Personal Fitness Coach for iPhone does not get hard on you, instead it will smoothly transform you from short treadmill runs to 10k race. This is among the best fitness app and all things fitness will be readily available suited for your needs. It could be running, walking, yoga, weight training or any other workouts. PEAR app is free for a trial period of 14 days after which you need to subscribe from in-app purchases for weekly, monthly and yearly memberships

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