Peeki Private Eye Photo Lock for Android Review

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This might have occurred to you in the past. You let your friend view couple of photos from the image gallery, and he/she ended up scrolling over the rest of your personal photos. Is there any way by which you could fully control the photos that you want to show or block? Well, there seems to be one. Peeki – Private Eye Photo Lock app for Android is a free utility that provides you with control of your entire photo gallery and folders.


Peeki app for Android is a private photo lock app that let you control the photos you want to show or block. It is basically a photo showcase app, which compiles the photos that you intend to show to others. The bottom line is that others won’t be able to see the photos that you don’t want to show them. It should be noted that even if you block photos in Peeki, it still shows up in your image gallery and file manager. It would have been great had the user also had an option to lock the file manger/gallery. The working of Peeki Android app is simple and straightforward. On firing up the app, you’ll be asked to choose the photos you wish to block. The photos will be automatically listed from your picture gallery and picture folders even though they might not be sorted out and displayed under separate categories.

Peeki Private Eye Photo Lock app for Android

On the top-right corner of the displayed photos, you’ll find buttons for showing/blocking said photos. Before clicking on any of these buttons, choose the photos you wish to show by tapping them slightly. You’ll see a green check mark on selected photos. Now, you click play or “show photos” button. The images you wanted to show automatically loads like a simple and non-animated slideshow. Once you’d finalized the images, tap ‘Done’ and you’ll be prompted to enter the passcode. If you have lots of private photos that you don’t wish to show to others, click on ‘block’ button first and select the photos that you want to block. Alternatively, you have the option to ‘block all’ photos except the ones you wish to show. Afterwards, tap the ‘Done’ button followed by a tap on “show photos” button.


Peeki Private Eye Photo Lock for Android comes handy in situations wherein you want to show selected photos to someone while hiding the rest saved in your image gallery. Others can’t view your personal images without entering the correct passcode. Strangely, the app does not have an option to share photos. Performance wise, the app is stable and responsive. If have not tried it yet, go ahead and check it out. After all, it is free.

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