Photosynth App for iPhone Review

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Photosynth is a cool application from Microsoft that lets you create excellent panoramic photos in your iPhone. Its advanced stitching algorithm is surprisingly fast and accurate that you can produce breathtaking panoramic pictures with relative ease in your handheld. Photosynth app for iPhone can be downloaded for free.

How Photosynth App Works?

Photosynth app for iPhone has got lots of great and well designed features. Its user friendliness stands out as the app guides you through every step on the way, making it handy to operate even for a first time user. Photosynth app uses iPhone’s gyroscope to position the captures. You simply tap where you want it to start, and move the camera in a sweeping motion until the image you wanted to click is fully captured. There are plenty of audio and visual cues to the user, as the app continuously captures images and stitch them together. By chance if you think you’ve missed a spot, simply tap on the screen and add the image. If there is visible banding while stitching together images, you can minimize the same by enabling the exposure lock in settings. The grids may not go away completely, but it helps quite a lot.

Photosynth App for iPhone

Photosynth iPhone app stitches fast and the result is pretty accurate. It even shoots and stitches in Airplane mode. Also notable is that the app does not suffer from any ‘gyroscope drift’, something typical of similar apps.

If to point out a downside, iPhone Photosynth app does not allow any previews before it saves the photo to the phone. At least some users will find it as a potential problem. Also, you can’t share photos with social networks such as Twitter or Tumblr other than Facebook and Microsoft Live.

Final Thoughts

Notwithstanding few quirks, the Photosynth app is a very cool panorama application for iPhone; it is fast and accurate, and comes free of cost. And the results are pretty impressive. There are not many apps out there which could recreate this quality of performance. If you are a photo buff who clicks away lot of pictures using your iPhone camera, you should not think twice to download Photosynth app for iPhone. It delivers what it promises. Verdict: A must have panorama app for your iPhone.

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