Picture This – Plant Identification Android App Review

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Picture This – Plant Identification for Android is a nature app solely developed for the purpose of plant identification and is used to record observations of flowers, tree and plants. If you are an outdoor person and are an avid traveller, you may wonder at the various flora and fauna you come across and your curiosity about them will make you want to learn more. Even if you be a gardener or a horticulture specialist, there is no way you would know the names of each one of them. Picture This app is manna from heaven for those souls whose interest lies in learning more about plant species and the entire taxonomy of each plant species.

Rediscover nature, reinvent and unlearn

Picture This for Android lets you identify plant species easily and quickly and that’s one of the best things about this app. The app helps you identify all kinds of plants species, like, flower, trees, leaves, mushroom, cactus and more. The database is quite comprehensive and covers all plants across the globe and has a community with participants present worldwide. All you need is just take a picture of the species and upload it in the app and you will get the entire detail about it within seconds. It has easy to use interface and the app uses an advanced artificial intelligence to quickly identify and get the details.

Picture This Plant Identification Android App Review

Picture This Android app guides you to get the best shot of the species and with the help of visual recognition and deep learning technology fetches the entire taxonomy from the database. You can keep track of your snaps and have a personal collection of plants, trees and flowers. Apart from details about the plant, you also will get an idea on plant care tips, watering reminder for your own garden so you can grow beautiful plants. Picture This also lets you click a pic directly from the app.


Picture This – Plant Identification for Android is the best, the most accurate and the fastest app you would find and the most used by nature enthusiasts. If you are a plant lover and are really excited to learn about all things plants, then this is one app you really need to have. The app is developed by a research team in China and so far has about 5 million active users in their vibrant community. Picture This is free to download with no in-app purchases and ads.

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