Pixl – Face Retouch Blemish Remover Android App Review

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Pixl – Face Retouch Blemish Remover for Android is a powerful photo editor app that guarantees you to have the best look. You have your own face retouch tool in your hands. A tool that can take your perfect selfie, correct your red eye, whiten your teeth and smoothen your skin. An all in one makeup expert that can transform your exterior so you can be more confident from the inside. The face photo editing app that gives you the best look. It is an exclusive blemish remover and face retouch app that makes you look your beautiful self in the best way possible. You will enjoy your makeup sessions more often with the app.

Get The Model Look In A Jiffy

Pixl is a simple and beautiful face photo editor that has numerous tools to make your selfies look perfect. It just takes only a few minutes to remove all your facial flaws. The amazing filters and effects will make the photos look untouched. The magical and advanced pimple and blemish remover tool can work on your complexion and skin tone to remove pimples and other flaws. You can add radiance, blush and charm. The advanced imaging algorithm not just blurs the blemish but blends with healed skin seamlessly repairing the flaw. The app allows you to tune, edit, retouch, tan and make it clear and smooth to appear without any zits or scars. Whiten your teeth and brighten your smile with teeth whitener feature.

Pixl Face Retouch Blemish Remover Photo Editor Android App


Pixl is the best face retouch app that can make you look perfect and sweet. You can quickly get the look of the model on a cover magazine and you can use this as your profile picture. The app can brilliantly cover your wrinkles, dark circles, acne, red eyes, blemishes and tiny pimples. You can also cover up a bad lighting and brighten up your photos. You can click a photo and make it perfect for sharing with others with this amazing app. The app is free for download and use.

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