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Pocket app for Android works just like your dress pockets – keep them inside to use them later. With this amazing application, now you can save most of your online content like texts, videos, web pages to view it in offline mode afterwards. Don’t miss out any of your favourite articles or videos, just save them in your list and view them whenever you wish. This award winning app is available completely free for all Android users and holds a remarkable rating of 4.5 out of 5.


Like most other applications, Pocket app for Android also requires an initial sign up or sign in to start using its features. Sign up into the app and start surfing your favourite web materials in any browser. Once you come across something interesting to use it for later, click the settings button in your browser and tap the share option. You are now provided with a list of sharing options with the initial one being ‘Add to pocket’. Just tap on that option and within a few seconds, your favourite content will now be saved into your pocket app for offline viewing whenever or wherever possible. Once you have added items into your ‘Pocket’, you can open the app and find your materials and medias in a very slick, cool interface. Just like a web browser, your favourite contents will be available on the screen after being sorted according to the time you have added them. There are a lot of features within the app providing you with a better browsing or viewing experience. You can resize the text, change your background colours, adjust the text spacing, change fonts, control the screen brightness and so on. There are also options for sharing your saved content to your friends across the internet.

Pocket Android App

Pocket Android app also allows you to attach inline videos along with the web articles or to save any video from the web. However, you will require an internet connection to watch them as it saves only the link of the video or audio. There is an amazing text to speech feature, where you can actually listen the text being dictated using your Android’s inbuilt Google text to speech feature. Once you are finished with an article, you can delete them to preserve space. You can also set offline storage limits if you are concerned with the app taking too much of your memory.


With its fantastic features, Pocket app is certainly one of the best read-it-later apps available for Android devices. Download the app and start feeling happy in ‘not’ missing out any of your favourite web content.

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