RotoView PDF Reader Android App Review

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RotoView PDF Reader app for Android let you browse PDF files in a different way. It is lot similar to other PDF viewers. But it is unique in that users can scroll PDF files by just tilting the phone. The app comes handy to anyone who needs to digest PDF files quite often. RotoView for Android is available for free download from Google Play.


At its core, RotoView Android app is a PDF viewer intended to give the user a best reading experience. It is a bit difficult to read PDF docs in your phone’s small screen. The app tries to improve the user experience by providing a unique smart scroll feature. It might not be a totally innovative idea. But app developers have taken a simple concept and turned it into a quite useful feature. RotoView for Android definitely got a bit of learning curve, when it comes to figuring out the various features on offer. So, you can refer to the handy tutorial that comes with the app.

RotoView PDF Reader Android App

In terms of features, RotoView PDF Reader for Android has got some that are usually present in paid apps. This include options to tweak settings to customize the browsing experience, including changing the Smart Scroll speed. The app also offers different ways to navigate in your phones file system in order to find PDFs. The All PDF views give all your PDF files, and it is the easiest way to reach the PDF files in your phone. The All Folders view can be a bit confusing if you have lots of folders in your phone. Other notable features include night mode, text search and copying, annotation tools (pro) such as note markers, shapes and free hand drawing. It also supports multiple languages and different fonts.


RotoView PDF Reader app for Android is a productivity application that let you browse and read your PDF files in a different way. It has a unique RotoView Smart Scroll feature that let you scroll the PDF file opened in your phone by simply tilting the phone. You activate said feature by zooming-in and shaking your phone. The app is ad-supported. You can upgrade it to the pro-version to get rid of ads and unlock annotations features. Check it out if you’re in the lookout for an innovative and easy to use PDF viewer.

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