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If there is one element of the new smart phone devices that is definitely intriguing, it would have to be the fact that you can now use your phone to actually scan barcodes through the use of your digital camera. There are many ways that this could come in really handy as Barcode Scanner, a free app for the Android platform, illustrates so well.

Look up more than just prices

The most obvious benefit that someone can derive from being able to scan barcodes with their phone would be the ability to actually look prices up while you are in the store. Do you see a product that you want but don’t have a price listed anywhere? Simply use Barcode Scanner free app in your for Android smart phone to scan it and you will get a bunch of information in return. More than the actual price in that store, you might even be able to see what price this item is selling for in other stores, giving you the chance to do some on-the-spot comparison shopping with the hope of really getting things going well. Additionally, barcode scanning can be used to get reviews and other general information on the product so that you can find out if you even want to have it in the first place.

Barcode Scanner Free App for Android

Scan other bits of information as well

These days it is not only barcodes that you will see around you. You will see Data Matrix codes and QR codes everywhere as well. These are codes that are related to specific events or companies or people rather than actual products. Scanning them will bring forth information like website URLs, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and everything in between. This gives you the chance to easily get all kinds of information using Barcode Scanner Android app. Finally, it also lets you create a QR code containing information from your phone (i.e. contact information) that you can then share with others in the same way.

Final Score

Barcode Scanner app for Android is a smartphone application that most definitely has a lot of really good things going for it. We appreciate this fact and that is why we have decided to give this app a really good final score of 9 out of 10. It is a great free app to introduce you into the world of barcode scanning with a smart phone and once you have seen what this app can do, you might even want to upgrade to paid apps that bring greater functionality to the table.

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