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One of the important uses of smart phones is their capability to get connected with your friends and family circle using social networking programs like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. However due to the large number of social networking websites available today, it is sometimes a tiresome experience to login to each and every program and get updates. Seesmic app for Android is one of the leading smart phone applications which help to manage your social networks in one place. You can download Seesmic Android app for free from Google Play Store.

Seesmic App Features

Seesmic app for Android offers support for multiple social networking accounts for Twitter and Facebook. The app features a home page widget showing latest tweets. The app helps you to view and get updated happenings of our Twitter and Facebook accounts all at the same time. Sharing your videos and photos to their accounts using Seesmic is quite easy. The sleek and beautiful design makes you feel comfortable using the application. You can access your feeds from one of your Facebook pages. You can also Mute any users who content you do not want to see. The app features options to remove any unwanted messages from your timeline based on content from Twitter or Facebook. The auto complete feature makes it easy to select the right twitter user.

Seesmic App for Android

Seesmic app is easy to integrate with your Facebook and allows you to easily manage and post in profile or Facebook Pages. The cross-posting option to multiple Twitter accounts and your Facebook account at the same time is the highlight of Seesmic app. Many users have already rated Seesmic as the best Twitter client on Android. The app also allows previewing photos of messages from Instagram and Twitpic. Other features include Twitlonger integration for longer tweets; Twitter search capabilities; Geotagging; URL shortening using,, Tinyurl or; sharing videos using YouTube, yFrog or Twitvid; and sharing photos using Twitpic, MobyPicture, yFrog or Lockerz.

Those who wish to get rid of the ads and activate premium features can download Seesmic Pro for Android at $2.99. The app is compatible with Android versions 2.1 and up.


There are numerous Facebook and Twitter apps for smart phones, however Seesmic app for Android leads the race with its wonderful features and user friendly and easy to use interface. This is the reason why millions of users have already downloaded and using this application. Download Seesmic for Android change the way you interact with your friends and family in Facebook and Twitter!

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