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Shopping can be tricky at times, given the huge number of choices available and the varying discounts offered for similar products. Shopper app for Android could make things little bit easier for you in your shopping expeditions. It fetches and provides you the product information you might need to make for quick comparison shopping. Shopper Android app may be downloaded free of cost from Google Play Store.

Features of Shopper Android App

Shopper app for Android gives you on-the-go buying information on products such as price, item location, and the item specified info. The app uses your device’s camera to scan barcodes, QR Codes; DVD, CD, video game or book covers and aids you in finding the best prices for a products online or in nearby stores. Once Shopper zeroes-in on the product, it retrieves information as to where to find the product nearby, its reviews, and other details. It might also show whether a particular product is in stock in a given location.

Users can also type in the name of the product they are looking for or rely on voice search feature to tell the app what you want it to look out for. Once you got the product, you can save it in the shopping list. It is also possible to share the items with others from within the app.

Shopper App for Android

Shopper app for Android is also smart enough to track the current shopping trends. You can peek into various store sales, popular items and categories/subcategories such as fashion trends. Shopper for Android is quite user friendly for most parts. The user interface is clean and well laid out. It is also free of bugs. Nevertheless, if you got any performance issues, you can report it straight to Google developers from within the app. Shopper is compatible with Android OS versions 2.1 or higher, even though it might not work in every Android phone running the right OS.

Final Thoughts

Shopper app for Android is Google’s solution to your shopping woes. When you have the app opened in your smartphone, you are never too far away from the best deals and latest trends. Searching and finding an item using the app is easy. Multiple input/search options come handy. Verdict: Shopper is an awesome application from Google for users who are shopping buffs, but always keep an eye on the price tag.

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