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| December 28, 2010

ShopSavvy – ShopSavvy is the premier free shopping app for anyone who likes to locate the best deal on any product.  It is simple, easy to use, and free!


  • Scan the barcode of any product and instantly get a price comparison on dozens of websites and stores
  • ShopSavvy gives you prices for both online and off line
  • This app features a Wish List feature which can hold dozens of lists.  You can label them however you want. 
  • Shows cheapest prices first, and lists what web or auction sites they are located on
  • Saves time shopping for bargains, and can save you lots of money as well.
  • Can be used on iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android phones.
  • No extra hardware required – it uses the camera your phone already has!



This is a great application for those that want to make sure they get the best value on everything they buy.  It is also a great way to see what an item is selling for on your favorite auction site with a simple scan.  By seeing what other retailers are selling the items for, you can make every shopping trip a time and money saving one.  It is quick and simple to use, and is very convenient in getting your holiday shopping done.   It even gives the option to view customer reviews on the product online.  With so many different versions of similar products, this is the best way to make sure you are getting exactly what you want, need, and expect.  The different wish lists you can crate are easy to organize.  Many people choose to label their lists by the reason they are created, but you can also create ones for specific products.  If you are looking for a new coffeemaker, why not make a list so you can reference various brands, models and prices with just a swipe of your finger.  There is also a section that lists different deals and sales in the area.  These notifications can be turned off easily if they do not interest you. 

Just like on any computer, the ShopSavvy application also stores any products you have scanned in the History tab.  This makes it very easy to find products you have scanned, even if you can’t remember what it was to begin with.  It also provides pictures of the products, so you can make sure you it is the right product.

While some viewers reported problems with older versions of this application, they have all been fixed with the most recent updates.  Both Android and iPhone users have rated this application with four out of a possible five stars, and the only negative reviews were for older versions.  Updating this application is rather necessary to ensure that you get the most accurate prices.

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