Skillz – Logic Brain Games Android App Review

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Skillz for Android is a brain training app that helps improve your memory, attention, accuracy, logic and skills. The best way to test your memory and give the brain loads of exercise. This skill test game suits all age group that also test reflexes and sharpens the brain. It helps kids differentiate between colors, shapes and more. The game app tests your logical ability which is good to improve your logical reasoning. Thinking of a strategy to solve a puzzle enhances your brain cells and invariably boosts your memory and retention.

Exercise your brain with challenging puzzles

Skillz Brain Games app for Android has number of puzzles that not just trains your brain but also lets you have fun playing games. It is packed with different types of tests that help you to improve your memory, train reflexes, increase accuracy, speed and learn other vital information. You need to score points to move to the next level. Each level is designed to challenge and sharpen your memory to its peak. As you complete each level you will be ranked between one and 5 stars. For each star you have won you will be awarded a brain. You use these brain points to retry the current round, pass a round or just pass a level with 5 stars.

Each level is unique and is designed to improve your skills, sharpen your mind and be more attentive. All these improve your success chances and leave you in happy frame of mind. Multiplayer feature has achievements that can be unlocked as you play and win. You can either play with friends or with any random players.


Skillz – Logic Brain Games for Android is quite addictive game that challenges your grey matter. It has both single player and multiplayer mode where you can play with 2 players and go up to 4 players. You will receive points in the form of brains, like if you be 1st you get 5 brains and if you be 2nd you will get 3 brains. The app is free to download and requires Android 4.1 and up.

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