Skred Messenger Android App Review

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Skred Messenger for Android is the world’s first secure peer-to-peer instant messaging programme, and it works without requiring an email address or a phone number to use. Skred is completely free, requires no membership, no provider, no SIM card, and leaves no trace. Skred is built with privacy in mind and uses the highest levels of authorisation encryption available. Skred allows us to communicate with each of our connections in an anonymous, one-of-a-kind, and secure way. In a call, just the two parties can talk with each other, and no one else can hear them. With each of our connections, Skred establishes an anonymous, one-of-a-kind, and safe relationship. This relationship’s two participants can only communicate with each other and no one else.

High Security ensured

When we erase a message from Skred app, it is likewise removed from our correspondent’s phone. All chats are encrypted end-to-end and mobile-to-mobile, and no information is kept on any server. The encryption technologies are open source and stem from the Guardian Project’s cooperation with hackers and activist citizens. Skred facilitates the sharing of messages, photos, movies, phone calls, and video conversations with an easy-to-use interface that does not detract from the learning experience. The SkredBoard, which can be accessed by just swiping down, enables for the creation of several identities that are kept distinct from one another for complete privacy. Skred started as a project of the Skyrock Group, a non-profit organisation founded by the French Free Radio Movement. Its mission is to protect free speech on the radio and the Internet. Skred is open to everyone. There is no need for a subscription, and there is no operator, SIM card, or tracking.

Skred Messenger Android App Review

Encrypted from end to end

Skred Messenger for Android has a better user interface and darkmode support. Text messages, pictures, videos, and encrypted documents may all be sent. They are not saved on a remote server; instead, they are sent directly between contacts and members of the group. This ensures that your communications are truly private. It is recommended not to ask the user for personal or private information. Skred tries to keep its involvement in getting users in touch to a minimum. As a result, Skred’s servers are unaware of the users’ identities. A random identifier is used to identify users.

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