Slack Android App Review

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Slack for Android brings all your communication together in one place. It brings team communication and collaboration so you can get more work done. All team communication will be made available in one place instantly searchable available wherever you go, whether you belong to a large enterprise or a small business. Create to do list and plan you work. Move your projects forward by bringing together the right people, conversations, tools and other information you need. Slack app is a free download from Google Play Store.

Bringing together your team with Slack

Slack Android app has an intuitive and easy to use interface that even an inexperienced can handle it with ease. Slack is built around a channel format that allows you to quickly switch from asynchronous to synchronous communication. Slack integrates well with dozens of external services. The app will blend easily with almost all software like the Zendesk, MailChimp, GitHub, Google Drive, Dropbox, and all main social networks. Built-in internal and external sharing options ensure you get and share files with anyone. Slack app has advanced search, filters and sorting that make it easy to get the right files. Filter results by recent type, relevance or file type to find exactly what you need. The read state synchronization feature ensures that when you read something on your phone, your laptop will know about it and automatically mark those messages as read. Thus, it syncs well with desktop, laptop and any kind of Android phones and tablets.

All messages are available in a centralized and searchable archive and it is available not just to people on the team today, but the ones who start next week or next month or next year. Company will witness a reduced onboarding ramp up times.


Slack for Android makes work life more simpler, more pleasant and more productive. With a centralized system for internal communication like Slack, you get an immediate benefit in the form of cross-team transparency. The app with base features and no limit on time and users is free. You have standard, plus and enterprise version priced accordingly with additional features and unlimited offers.

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