Solentro Photo Books Android App Review

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Solentro: Photo Books in under 2 minutes for Android provides tools and features to create excellent photo book. It provides an excellent way to segregate your photos. A photo book for each and every occasion that was captured. It is fun to work with different elements of the app to create an incredible photo book of the highest quality photos. The app automatically stores your photos as a photo book and you can work on them anytime. It is a perfect gift for your loved ones and you will cherish to see their happy faces. A wonderful way to collect and store photos.

Collecting And Storing Photos With Creative Photo Book

Solentro for Android is a simple, easy to use and professional looking photo book app that provides a great platform to store and share your photos. It is as simple as selecting the photos. Here, you need to select photos and the app will design the photo book for you. You just need to add text and change the layout. You will find 20 to 200 pages photo books. Each will meet all professional standards. The pages can be printed on 170g high quality paper. It has great quality and durability. The automatic design will simplify your efforts. You can simply drag and drop photos to change the placement. There are stylish designs and you can do all the work from your phone. The photo book and images are saved automatically.

Solentro Photo Books Android App Review


Solentra is a superb app that gives excellent quality photo books that can easily impress anybody. It has very high standards. The pages and cover will look impressive. The features will blow your mind away. You will be addicted to it for years with its beauty and elegance. The app quickly delivers results and you will be impressed. There are variety of photo book styles to select from like Deluxe, Hard cover, 11 x 11 inches, and 270 x 270mm. The app is free for download and use.

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