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Speechnotes for Android is a strong speech-enabled online notepad that uses a simple and efficient design to empower your ideas so you can focus on your thoughts. Speechnotes does not stop listening when you take a breath or ponder, unlike other voice-typing applications. With a built-in keyboard, you can enjoy the convenience of dictating text and tapping for punctuation and symbols. It’s made to make writing quick and simple. Speechnotes was created with the goal of providing you with a distraction-free environment. Speechnotes’ finest feature appears to be its punctuation console. The punctuation console includes on-screen catches for the most often used marks, allowing you to dictate faster and more organically. It also provides emojis and photos.

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Bluetooth compatibility, a home screen gadget for instant dictation, and offline note-taking are among the other useful features. The programme also allows you to keep recording without interruption. Unlike a slew of other dictation applications, which claim you may take extended breaks between phrases to gather your ideas while the programme continues to listen. SpeechNotes has now introduced support for automatic Google Drive backups of your notes, which is really convenient. Before you compose the message, you must first choose the language in which it will be written. By default, the app is in English, but you may also take notes in Spanish, Danish, Chinese, Moroccan, Japanese, French, German, Indonesian, or Portuguese. Speechnotes is great for taking quick notes, but that’s not the only thing it can accomplish.

Speechnotes for Android - Speech To Text Notepad

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With fact, unlike other comparable applications, you don’t have to keep tapping the record button to switch the microphone back on in Speechnotes. Even if you pause for a time while dictating, the app will continue to record. The software works offline (but it performs better when connected) and allows you to share, export, and print with just one swipe. The fonts and colours used throughout the app were chosen for their sharpness and readability. Speechnotes is a free speech-to-text software that also provides a paid transcribing service. Automatic insertion of difficult-to-understand words and floating text boxes are included in the premium edition. Your data is only delivered to Google’s voice recognition service via the built-in Android Speech Recognizer since they appreciate your privacy. If you need to dictate texts, Speechnotes is not only less expensive, but it may also be a superior speech to text option for you.

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