Strava Fitness Activity Tracker Android App Review

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Strava is a fitness monitoring android app that focuses on GPS-based activities. It operates in the background, just like any other GPS programme, as you go about your business. It can be used to run, walk, cycle, hike, canoe, skate, kayak, kitesurf, ski, row, snowboard, snowshoe, stand up paddle, surf, and swim, among other activities. More stationary activities, such as elliptical training, stair-stepping, weight training, yoga, CrossFit, and general exercises, can also be tracked. The activity feed is essentially Strava’s home screen, where you’ll find postings outlining the activities of both the individuals you follow and your own. Activities may be manually uploaded or recorded in the Strava app, and for those without a tracking device, recording in the Strava app is typically a good option.

Track all your rides

You may tap into an activity to gain more information about it, including power output, heart rate, speed, and any other parameters supplied by the original athlete, as well as inspecting the route. The app’s Groups section contains a number of features that enhance your Strava experience. The app’s Groups section contains a number of features that enhance your Strava experience. Challenges allow you to sign up for a variety of activities to keep you motivated, such as a weekly or monthly distance, climb, or time objective. Some of these are sponsored by prizes, such as a store discount for participating in a certain challenge. Strava provides a lot of data analysis on top of locating, mapping, recording, and designing routes for any activity you wish to participate in.

Strava Fitness Activity Tracker Android App Review

Share and connect with other athletes

The maps in Strava are custom-made for Strava and provide satellite, hybrid, and regular views, the latter of which includes lots of mapping elements such as isobars and some terrain shading, allowing you to observe topographical characteristics at a glance. Not only will the app recommend routes, but it will also allow you to construct your own. Starting with the creation, you may choose the sort of route you want – cycle, run, or walk – as well as the length and if it should be steep or flat, paved or off-road. You may also sketch paths on the map freehand and have the route computed automatically. Simply place the map on the screen, hit the pencil symbol until it glows orange, and then draw.

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