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Stuff Todo Android App helps you plan your daily tasks efficiently. It is like those android widgets that work directly from the home screen. You do not have to open the app. It is always easy to accomplish tasks effectively if you note down and pursue them. There were days when we used to carry a note pad to jot down tasks. We would tick them off as soon as each task is accomplished. In today’s digital age, the note pads are replaced by user friendly apps that does all and more what a note pad could achieve. Stuff is an easy way to digitally manage all your tasks.

Make Peace With All your tasks using the Stuff

Stuff Todo Android App has a neat and simple interface that makes it easy to control and work with. It has a minimalistic way that is both convenient and efficient. The app lets you easily manage and organize tasks. Easily add, edit and delete tasks. You can do all this in a few taps.

The Stuff Todo App for Android is highly customizable. One can easily change the color, text , fonts, size and the opacity of the theme design. You can make it match the looks of your home screen. It is a lightweight program that runs on less battery and uses very less system resources. The FAQ section has several questions and answers on issues that are frequently faced by users.


Stuff Todo Android App is quite easy to handle. The app neatly sits on your home screen reminding all the day to day tasks that is required off you. It works well in all devices and can easily be controlled from the home screen. Some mobile manufacturers restrict app from running tasks in the background. This may pose trouble for the apps features to be its fullest. This issue can be fixed by changing the settings for the app. The Stuff Todo Android App is available for free to download and use. There are no ads placed by the developers. There are in-app purchases available in the app to purchase additional features.

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