Sudoku – Classic Number Games iPhone App Review

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Sudoku has long been the favourite number game for millions around the globe. It is fun, challenging and an ideal time killer. Sudoku – Classic Number Games for iPhone is an implementation of Sudoku that tests your logical thinking abilities. The game may be downloaded free of cost from iTunes.

Game Features

Sudoku – Classic Number Games for iPhone gives you different choices and difficulty levels. The game offers three types of difficulty levels from sudoku beginners to sudoku killer. I.e. easy to hard. It has more than 400 standard levels and unlimited sudoku puzzles is waiting for you solving. The game also got multiple variations such as four grid, six grid, X Sudoku and percentage Sudoku. Virtually, you got lots of Sudoku variations that you can play according to your choice. There is no wifi math game; you can practice math and enjoy fun Sudoku math activities anytime, anywhere. It also got an option to auto highlight selected numbers, not to mention that many Sudoku hints that you get for free. It also gives you opportunities to train your math tricks. At present, the game comes with over 1000+ free Sudoku games that could entertain you for months on end. You can also play the game offline, if you’re in an area with no internet connection.

Sudoku Classic Number Games iPhone App

The graphics of Sudoku – Classic Number Games for iPhone is decent. While there is nothing flashy in it, you’ll find the Sudoku board perfectly rendered in an easy to read color format. Buttons for different options are prominently displayed on the screen. Undo/redo options come handy, so does the options to restart and pause. The level can be chosen from the top-right button. Performance wise, we found the game to slick and responsive. It requires iOS versions 6.0 or higher.

Final Thoughts

Sudoku – Classic Number Games for iPhone is a treat for Sudoku fans and those who love number puzzles. It got various difficulty levels to suit all type of players. The hard levels are for seasoned math wizzes. The ability to play the game offline comes handy. The best part is that the app got lots of levels to keep you entertained. The graphics part is good as well. Customization options can be accessed through game settings. It is also stable. Overall, a well-made Sudoku game worth checking out.

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