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Tapet Android App generates backgrounds and colors that can be used as wallpapers. Most of us carry a smartphone or device these days and what is appealing in them are the wall papers. All the smartphone brands come with standard wallpapers and you can also purchase customized wallpapers. With Tapet, one can generate random patterns, colors and wallpapers with highest possible resolution. Images are generated from the device and not downloaded from any site. They are rapidly generated based on the screen resolution and the patterns you choose. It is most useful for people who frequently change wallpapers.

Get that perfect look for all your smart devices

Tapet Android App has a simple and easy to use interface that easily generates wallpaper. It has a master switch that can be used to apply the wallpapers for a particular interval. All the patterns and images are generated rapidly and it has an inbuilt parallax effect that makes the wallpapers look beautiful. Exciting new patterns are added every upgrade. You can like or unlike every patterns and history will be maintained of the wallpapers you used.

The Tapet App for Android lets you prioritize the patterns you love to use often. There are infinite material designs available offline. There is timely updates and good selection of colors and patterns. You can create a great set of patterns and you can make changes to wallpapers. You can change wallpapers every hour and almost daily.


Tapet Android App is one of the best wallpaper apps when it comes to offline features. You can call it a wallpaper generator. The app does not download any of the wallpapers instead, it generates wallpaper using the material device of the smart device. It generates HD quality wallpapers. The app has infinite possibilities that can produce infinite wallpapers. It has pretty nice designs that is unique and is not found elsewhere. Patterns and colors are unique. The app is available for free to download. There are no ads placed by the developers. There are in-app purchases available in the app to unlock additional patterns.

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