Technical Keyboard Android App Review

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The NextApp Technical Keyboard android app derives its features from a AOSP keyboard with slightly different functionality. In this keyboard, you will find arrow keys and special keys. The QWERTY layout is different. It looks similar to a PC keyboard. That way it is easier to use, as most of us are so used to the PC layout. The arrangement of alphabetic and numeric keypad, functional and symbols are made available to you upfront just the way it is in a PC. It is a convenient way to type on smartphones and tablets. A traditional keyboard with all modern features like precision feedback and auto correction is made available. Lets you use the keyboard in landscape and portrait mode.

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Technical keyboard app for android is a neat and well organized keyboard with multiple themes to choose from. The design is great and with the help of precision vibration feedback you will know when your presses are not on the middle of the keys. It will also let you know when auto correction is applied with a double pulse vibration. The layout is handy and you can easily find out the different keys. The Fnkey in the lower left corner can be used to access additional keys like tab, escape, ctrl, alt, function keys and arrow keys. The size of shift key is reduced and the third row is not shifted too much to the left. Long pressing on space will be a tab. The design sticks as much as possible to the PC keyboard and the familiarity makes it easy to use.


NextApp Technical Keyboard for android is an app that gives great flexibility while typing in mobile phone. This is a beta release of the app with no expiration date.The keyboard is available in many languages like French, German, Italian and so on. It requires permissions similar to any other keyboard apps and does not send any data to anyone. The app is free to download and use. All features are made available in the free version with no additional in app purchases.

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