TextGrabber Scan & Translate iPhone App Review

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TextGrabber Scan & Translate for iPhone digitises printed text fragments, reads QR codes, and converts the recognised result into actions. We can call, write, translate into 100+ languages online and 10 languages offline, search the web or on maps, make calendar events, edit, speak, and share in any convenient method. TextGrabber collects information and identifies it without having to connect to the Internet when you point a camera at printed text. A one-of-a-kind real-time recognition mode pulls information in 60+ languages from any surface, not just papers. Real-time translation into 100+ languages online and 10 languages offline straight on the camera screen without taking photographs which provides it more advantage among other similar applications.

Image to text´╝őcam translator

The ABBYY RTR SDK technology-based Real-Time Recognition mode digitizes written text immediately on the camera screen, eliminating the need for photos. Without an Internet connection, text recognition in 60+ languages is possible, including Russian, English, German, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Chinese, and Korean. After digitization, all links, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, postal addresses, and dates become clickable: we can click on the link, call, send an email, look up the location on a map, or add an event to the calendar. There is also shortcuts for Siri in the application. Create a Siri Shortcut in iPhone settings to recognize the most recent photo as simply using the application.

TextGrabber Scan Translate iPhone App Review

Capture any text in real time

A QR code reader is also included in the application. The VoiceOver system feature provides powerful text-to-speech capabilities. We can raise the font size and apply audible cues to interface components to help visually challenged users. Via the system menu, share the findings with any app installed on the device. All extracted text is stored up automatically and may be accessed in the History folder. ABBYY TextGrabber allows us to save and translate any printed text with a single swipe on our screen which includes Texts sent from a television or a smartphone, Receipts, Counters and labels, Documents for travel, Articles from magazines and excerpts from books, Instructions and manuals, Ingredients for the recipe, etc. TextGrabber is the finest app for adding additional feature to our iPhone: scanning and it is very much user friendly and simple interface. The app requires iOS 13.0 or later and is compatible with iPad and iPod touch.

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