The 10 Coolest Mobile Applications

| November 5, 2010

The 10 Coolest Mobile Apps That You Must Use – Updated 7 November 2010.

Information-rich content and entertainment apps have taken the mobile world by storm. There are APPS that do everything from weather forecasts to televisions news and sports news. Whether you want to play a game, know about local events or just indulge in some social networking, mobile application providers can help in personalizing your experience to a large extent. These applications allow fun and functionality to come together in your phone. 
Here is a list of some of the coolest mobile apps that you must know about and use.

1. GetMobio

With over 50 interesting apps, GetMobio also features widgets and RSS feeds. Web services like information about the best restaurants, nightclubs and movies are also available at the GetMobio lifestyle portal. Mobio applications can be used with some of the most popular mobile phones in the market.

2. iMobile Care – Smart first aid app

This is simply a must have app. It is a smart first aid app that could save your life. Really easy to use, and with maping and guide to a lot first aid situations.

3. TatTap Tattoo App For iPhone

Over 10000 tattoo parlors with map, Top 10 users tattoo uploads, tattoo forum, celeb tattoos, Rate user tattoos etc…  a must have for tattoo lovers.

4. Kevtris is a very addictive, free Windows Mobile game that includes attractive graphics, various difficulty levels, high scores, auto pausing, customized controls and supports QVGA smart phones.

5. Cellfire Now you can get the best deals on your cell phone with Cellfire. This application offers , coupons from popular retailers like Hardee’s, Hollywood Video, Peet’s Coffee, Domino’s Pizza, T.G.I. Friday’s,, North Beach Pizza, Chicago, Omaha Steaks and many more. New coupons and merchant are regularly available on Cellfire.

6. Google Maps can be downloaded for free onto your mobile phone. This application lets you see maps, satellite images, find directions to local places, etc. features like click-to-call and saved search history are really helpful for users who travel frequently.

7. TV Remote Controller This is a Pocket PC application using your PDA as a remote control for your TV, SAT,  VCR, SAT, DVD, Cable and other devices. The application uses voice recognition technology to convert spoken words into infrared remote control signals and can recognize a maximum of 25 voice commands.

8. Skype for Pocket PC Free calls can be made to any place in the world from your phone through the cool and free application called Skype for Pocket PC. The simple software uses innovative P2P technology to connect you with other Skype users. Other features include SkypeOut calling, conference calling and secure file transfer. Skype calls provide high sound quality and security with end-to-end encryption.

9. Pics2Phones You can personalize and improve your photographs through a mobile application called Pics2Phones. It also allows you to resize them and transfer pictures to your phone. These can be uploaded to your mobile phone via a data cable or Bluetooth. The built-in WAP feature in this application lets you transfer photos easily and quickly.

10. The Weather Channel A mobile app has been launched by the Weather Channel that delivers weather information in real time to your mobile phone. Direct weather forecasts are available with accurate and fast information when you need it the most. Your favorite information can also be accessed directly by customizing the weather home page.

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