Tinycards – Fun Flashcards iPhone App Review

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Learning something new is always a great experience. However, there are always some hurdles. One of the biggest hurdles is memorizing the things that you have just learned. One of the things that would help you is flashcards. The use of flashcards has proved to be highly effective in various psychometric tests. Tinycards for iPhone is one of most downloaded educational flashcards app developed by Duolingo. The app is a free download from iTunes App Store.

Learning Becomes Easy

With Tinycards – Fun Flashcards for iPhone learning really becomes quite easy. The app works like a game of sorts but it is highly effective in learning things. You can unlock new levels and keep your ‘Memory Strength’ bar full. You can learn almost anything with the help of Tinycards. You can choose from a variety of readymade collections or you can create your own. You can even share it with your friends. Choose from thousands of topics such as history, astronomy, vocabulary in different languages, country capitals, constellations and a lot of other things under the sun!

Tinycards Fun Flashcards iPhone App Review

App Highlights

Space repetition of cards to help you learn things easily
Learn a wide variety of things
Completely free
Easy to use


Tinycards – Fun Flashcards for iPhone is a great app for people who are always looking to learn new stuff. People of all ages can use the app without any hassles. So, install the app and make learning and memorizing things a lot more fun.

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