Today To-Do Basic App for iPhone Review

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Staying organized always has its benefits. If you have not yet found the right tools to organize your daily to-do lists, try out Today To-Do Basic: Clever Task Management app for iPhone. This free app is exclusively meant to help you organize your tasks for a day: today. And it is quite easy to use.

To-Do Basic App: Clever Task Management Features

The standout feature of To-Do Basic: Clever Task Management for iPhone is its apparent simplicity of use. There are no extra buttons or myriad of taps required to set a to-do list for the day. Instead, just turn your iPhone 90° to add a new task. Further, simply tap on the circle next to the item to check it off/uncheck. Since the todos are for a day only, you’ll start every day with a fresh new and empty view. If you want to access your old todos, you can do it by sliding the sun to the left.

Today To-Do Basic App for iPhone

In order to delete an entry, just swipe to one side over the to-do item; Want to edit? Double tap and start typing. As said, to enter an item, simply turn your iPhone on its side. The controls are so intuitive that even for a first-time user it won’t take too long for him to figure out the controls.
To-Do Basic: Clever Task Management for iPhone also comes in a pro-version that focuses on two days – today and tomorrow. One downside is that since the app is meant for a single day – today – only, you might have to use it in conjunction with another app or calendar to keep tab of your commitments in for the week or weeks ahead. To-Do Basic: Clever Task Management is compatible with iOS versions 3.2 or higher.


To-Do Basic: Clever Task Management for iPhone is the ideal to-do app for those who live in the moment. The app let you spell out your todos for the day, and it starts afresh the next day. Creating, editing or deleting todo is easy. The controls are intuitive at best with no learning curve whatsoever. Try out the pro-version if you want to plan one more day ahead. Verdict: A decent to-do app for short term planning. But it might not suit you if you’re a long term planner who tends to plan weeks ahead.

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