Tribe iPhone App Review

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Nowadays, social network has become a regular aspect of our lives. We share everything as long as it is acceptable in the social networking community. But what if you want to share something sensitive or controversial with your close friends? That is what Tribe for iPhone is made for. It is a free video social network designed for up to ten people. You can get Tribe – Video Network of 10 app for free from iTunes App Store.


An introductory video will walk you through the features of Tribe app for iPhone. After firing up the app, using the iPhone camera, you can shoot nice updates and share it with your best pals. You can select your choice of friends from the contact list, and no others will ever know what you shared with them. The videos are up to five seconds. It is like Vine on that respect. The updates that you send and receive can be tapped, which is basically Tribe’s version of liking a post. You can whistle your friends when you want them to post a new video. Further, each new video status replaces your previous video.

Tribe iPhone App Review

Tribe app for iPhone does not store any of the videos you share in their servers. It is strictly limited to the ten of your friends in Tribe. Only you can save or share your videos with the outside world. The bottom-line is that what you share in Tribe remains within the Tribe.
The design of Tribe for iPhone is impeccable, and everything works like a breeze. The UI color theme is appealing. The app is also slick and responsive. We had never encountered any lags or freezes while using the app. Tribe app requires iOS versions 7.0 or later.

Final Thoughts

Tribe app for iPhone is a private video status app, a collective spot where you can share controversial videos with your close friends. The number of friends you can have in Tribe app are limited to ten. The videos you share are not stored in Tribe’s servers. Only you have the right to save/share those videos. The UI design is user friendly. The color theme also looks nice. Overall, a fun social network app that let you upload, share and enjoy controversial material – which you can’t post in Facebook or Instagram – with your mischievous friends.

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