Truecaller App for Android Review

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Suppose we are working on any urgent tasks or busy in meeting and our phone rings showing unknown number on screen. When we pick up the call, we came to know that it is a marketing call or fake call. Although we can cut the phone but it disturbs our momentum. Hence Truecaller app is designed by keeping this problem in mind. It helps you to detect unwanted calls like sales call from insurance, phishing call or spam calls. Truecaller app is wonderful option to keep you protected from fake calls. The app is equipped with all important features to give you remarkable solution. Truecaller Android app can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.

Features of Truecaller App

Truecaller app lets you identify anyone calling on your mobile number in real time scenario. You can identify those numbers and put them in blacklist. Thus when any call comes from those numbers, Truecaller will reject the call automatically. The user interface is quite simple and uncomplicated to use by all kind of users. This app allows you to increase your contact list and connect with people. It also helps you to identify who is calling you and protects your mobile identity from unwanted telemarketers. Truecaller app is integrated with leading networking site Twitter, so you can receive fast results and communicate smoothly with other Twitter users.

Truecaller App for Android

User can also create their Truecaller profile and can update their phonebook through Truecaller community, Facebook, Twitter and many more. If you want to search any number, just open the app and select your country and enter the number. It will give result about calling ID and used network. You can also do customization in the app like enabling caller ID, location information. Truecaller app works fairly well for identifying calls. Few times, it may be possible that it fails to recognize landline numbers but it gets almost every mobile number correct. In free version of the app, user will receive few ads along with caller information which is sometimes irritating. The app is compatible with Android version (2.3.3) or higher.


Truecaller is definitely a useful app for all smartphone users. A worth download application; install Truecaller and save your precious time from unwanted calls.

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