Tubio Cast Web Videos to TV Android App Review

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Airplay and Chromecast are awesome apps. But not all services support them. It is where Tubio – Cast Web Videos to TV, Chromecast, Airplay app for Android comes in. You can use this app to browse your favorite web media to discover online video or audio you’d like to enjoy – then simply tap play. Tubio may be downloaded for free.

Cast Web Videos and Music to TV Easily

Tubio app for Android allows you to cast web videos and music from your Android phone or tablet to your smart TV and other smart devices, including Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, Android TV, Nexus Player, Xbox One and Xbox 360. It automatically discovers all connected TVs around (over the same Wi-Fi network) and lets you stream with just your phone. The app also supports old smart TVs that support DLNA/UPnP/AllShare, but may not come with an easy built-in casting solution. More specifically, the current version of Tubio for Android supports All DLNA/UPnP/AllShare enabled smart TVs by Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Toshiba, Philips, Pioneer and others which support Mpeg4 over DLNA (that is, from 2010 onwards).

Tubio Cast Web Videos to TV Android App Review

You can use Tubio as your TV remote to control the stream – play, pause, stop or seek. You can also adjust volume using the hardware buttons of your Android device. Users can also enjoy videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, music from Soundcloud, Mixcloud etc straight on your TV with just a tap. You can also bookmark other websites you like for a quick access every time you enter the app. Further, while streaming, you can still use your phone without interrupting the current playback. However, to use Tubio for Android, you got to make sure that both your phone and TV are connected over the same Wi-Fi network. So if it is not working, this is the thing you got to check first. The app is ad supported. But you can get rid of the ads through an IAP. The premium version of the app also offers additional HD playback (where available) and unlimited customer support.


Tubio app for Android makes it possible for you to cast web videos and music from your phone to your TV wirelessly for free of cost. It automatically discovers all the connected TVs in your WiFi network, and you can stream with just one phone. The app supports DLNA/UPnP/AllShare enabled smart TVs by all major TV makers. The UI layout is user friendly. The app is also stable and responsive. HD playback is available only with the premium version. Check it out if you are looking for a similar app.

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