TurboTube App for Android Review

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TurboTube app for Android enhances your YouTube video viewing experience. It essentially makes video streaming better, with lesser stalling or buffering. The app also comes handy to find videos from the web and SNS. You can get TurboTube app for free from Google Play Store.


This is a familiar scenario: you want to watch a video in YouTube, but the sluggish loading and buffering makes it a disappointing experience. This could happen if your data connection or WiFi is slow. TurboTube app for Android acts to solve this issue by acting as sort of middle man – between the user and YouTube – by preloading the videos before the user eventually watches them. The ‘Turbo’d’ videos are indicated by a green icon, meaning they’ll start playing without any choppy buffering. The app also let users Turbo the videos they wish to watch by clicking on the grey button below the video they like. TurboTube for Android allows complete YouTube syncing with your account. That is, you can import subscriptions, playlists etc. It is also possible to connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to check the videos that are trending amongst your friends, as well as popular ones on Reddit.

TurboTube App for Android

The live updating main page that displays the new and trending videos is a standout feature. However, you don’t have an option to comment on the videos nor there is any fine-tune resolution settings. But then the app is still in its Beta version and more features might be added in the future. But keep an eye on the data usage while using TurboTube for Android. Typical of such apps, this one as well can consume lots of data without you actually knowing about it. The app requires Android OS 4.1+.


TurboTube app for Android delivers on its promise of providing users with a seamless YouTube video viewing experience. Users can handpick the videos they want ‘Turboed’. If you’re lazy, just check the live updating main page for the new and trending videos, all turboed for ready viewing. Apart from YouTube, it is also integrated with Facebook and Twitter. On the flip side, using TurboTube app could eat up your data plan. The app is available for free and does not feature ads or any pricey upgrades. Check it out if you’re fed up with the sluggish loading of YouTube videos.

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