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Forgot to send that important mail to your client? Or missed an important conference call because you were in the wrong time zone? If your answer is ‘Yes’, it is time you try out TXTLater app in your Blackberry. The app let you schedule email, SMS, or calls to be sent/invoked at a certain date/time with recurrence if required so. In a way, the app works in a similar way as your Blackberry messenger, but with an additional option to automate email/ SMS messages for future delivery. TXTLater is a free app for Blackberry.


TXTLater Blackberry app sports a very user friendly interface. Navigating the menu for various functionalities is easy. At a file size of 182 KB, it won’t strain your Blackberry resources either. In terms of functionality, as mentioned, TXTLater lets you schedule your email and SMS messages, calendar, and phone calls, to be sent/scheduled at a chosen date and time, and recurrence (for example, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly ). For the user, it is just about preparing the message, and scheduling it to be sent at a desired date/time. Similarly, calls can be scheduled to be initiated at a certain time, to one or more recipients. Such a scenario might arise if you happen to be in different time zones than your peers. Since the Blackberry TXTLater free app integrates tightly with the contact book, calendar, and native messaging user interface, picking and choosing names will be quite a straightforward process.

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TXTLater Blackberry application also allows you to change/edit, delete or even reschedule anytime from the main interface. Further, if you would like to know about the deliver status of all scheduled emails and SMS, you can opt to receive a detailed delivery status report daily of all the past emails and messages.


If you are an executive/manager, TXTLater app for Blackberry certainly comes handy in your professional life as it completely automates your messages, email or even calendar entries to be sent to your peers on scheduled time and date. The app is responsive, easy to use, and reliable most of the times. For smooth operation, OS version 4.2 or higher is desirable. Above all, Blackberry TXTLater app comes as a free download.

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