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Some trouble shooting skills always come handy. It let you try and fix many things yourself. uFix app for iPhone might be your perfect partner in your quest to fix things yourself. The app let you fix the common issues in iPhone without any external assistance. You can get uFix for free from iTunes App Store as a limited time offer.

uFix App Features

uFix app for iPhone offers simple solutions to the common iOS related troubles. If your iPhone got issues such as apps not opening, blank screen, poor battery life, signal troubles, slow response etc, uFix for iPhone could provide you with relevant answers. There are not too many things listed in the app. But what it got is all relevant in the context of a common man user. The user interface is very simple and easy to navigate around. There are not many pages to wander either. There are only two sections: ‘iOS troubleshooting’ and ‘repair your apple device’.

uFix App for iPhone

In the former, you’ll have a list of various possible issues, and clicking on them provides you with a text describing the solution. The app also has the ability to find your local Apple Store or Service Provider depending on your location. However, the said feature is not available on the home screen. You got to click through to a problem to eventually find this tool.

On the downside, uFix iPhone app does not have any fix for new issues such as incompatibilities in LTE networks in some areas and discolored photos as observed in iPhone 5. Hope the app will soon updated to address the latest iOS troubles. On a positive note, the iTunes page of uFix says that Mac support will be added soon. uFix is compatible with iOS versions 3.0 or higher.

Final Thoughts

uFix app for iPhone certainly has some useful info that will come in good stead in your efforts to troubleshoot your device. On the flip side, the offered assistance is very much limited. It does not give answers to iOS’ latest LTE incompatibility troubles or the issue of discolored photos in iPhone 5. The option that let you find your local Apple Store or Service Provider based on location is a handy. Announced Mac support is also a welcome step forward. Verdict: uFix application might be helpful in troubleshooting your iPhone out of common troubles. But don’t expect it to solve all your iOS woes.

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