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The modern day smart phone has become a really capable device. This has made it hard for managing all the things that are there on the phone. Now a great way to manage all the things is by using widgets. If you have an iPhone then you can use Vidgets app to create widgets and make the user experience of your smart phone more effortless.

Reducing the effort of managing your phone

Vidgets app for iPhone is designed to make it easier to manage everything on your phone. Now, you don’t need to search around your phone to find the things you need. You can easily create a widget for a particular application with this app. Vidgets iPhone app comes with more than 50 widgets which you can easily customize. You can check out the widgets on your notifications screen and also on your Apple Watch. It comes with a range of quick actions like quick bookmarking and quick GPS navigation. You can also check your signal strength and the speed of your WiFi connection with just a few taps. You can also check your battery, CPU usage and even the weather.

App Highlights

Apple Watch support
Multiple clock formats
Quick contacts and email widgets
Create widgets for over 50,000 supported apps
No ads.


Vidgets app for iPhone s is definitely one of the best apps for managing your smart phone. It is really easy to use and is highly customizable. So, install the app and enhance the experience of using your iPhone.

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