Wind Compass iPhone App Review

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Wind Compass: Wind Speed & Weather Forecasts for iPhone uses your current location to update the current weather conditions. Switch from Miles/hour, Kilometers/hour, Knots, Beaufort Wind Force, and Meters Per Second to get a Wind Speed measurement. You may choose True North or Magnetic North for the compass magnetic declination, as well as Fahrenheit or Celsius for the temperature measurement. Time, estimated temperature, estimated wind speed and direction, and percent chance of precipitation are all included in the app’s 24-hour and 7-day forecasts. Also included are the hours of sunrise and sunset, as well as the “First Light” and “Last Light” for that day (also known as Nautical Twilight Start and End). You can Simply change the Wind Indicator’s arrow orientation from Blowing to Coming From.

Know the Wind Speed & Weather Forecasts

The current temperature, as well as the day’s expected highs and lows. You can also vary the design of the app by choosing from a variety of backdrop kinds, such as a map indicating your current position, an overlay showing what your rear camera views, and even a colour gradient that goes from warm to chilly depending on the temperature where you are. Weather data is used by Wind Compass to deliver accurate weather information where you are. Simply launch the app, wait for it to update, and you’re done. gathers data from a variety of sources to produce the most accurate forecast possible for your region.

Wind Compass iPhone App Review

Have a look at your day at a glance

Wind Compass for iPhone also displays which way is north, so you can always know which way is north, as well as the current wind direction, even if you’re indoors or turned about. This app is excellent for determining wind direction and speed. It also provides you with your current location’s weather, as well as a variety of other useful weather information. You don’t have to go outside and throw some grass in the air to find out how windy it is. This app is ideal for users who want to know when the sunrises and when they should go outside for the beautiful sunset. There’s no bother, no fuss, just instant weather readouts using the app.

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