WishLab App for iPhone Review

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Psychologists say visualization can do wonders to a person. Visualizing what you want to be automatically tunes your mind to work towards that goal. WishLab for iPhone is a visualization tool that will help you achieve your dreams. You can get WishLab for free from iTunes App Store.


WishLab for iPhone uses a simple concept. It let you create a goal, set a period of time to achieve said goal, or even add a photo of the item or event to keep focused and motivated to achieve the goal. Whether your goal is to lose weight, purchase a new PC or landing a new job, WishLab app is flexible enough to accommodate all your goals. WishLab app for iPhone will remind you of the things that matter the most with email alerts and push-notifications so that you can achieve goals and realize dreams. Apart from setting goals, WishLab for iPhone also got a community aspect to it. You may check out the Wall of Inspiration to get motivated by wishes of others that came true. The ‘wall’ comes with unlimited scrolling so that you can really lose yourself in the success examples of other users from world over.

WishLab App for iPhone

WishLab for iPhone is social network integrated. You can share your thoughts, photos, and videos on Facebook and Twitter. The latest version of WishLab also comes with a lock screen feature to ensure that your goals remain private unless you choose to make it public.
The UI is well designed and easy to use. The app is also pretty stable, robust and responsive. WishLab app is compatible with iOS versions 4.3 or later.

Final Thoughts

WishLab for iPhone help you set goals, and therein challenge yourself to achieve your goals in a realistic manner. The app provides email alerts and push-notifications so that you’re always reminded of the target that you’d set for yourself. The wall of inspiration provides enough motivation by offering a glimpse into other people’s achievements. Facebook and Twitter integration comes handy to share your thoughts with others outside WishLab. The lock screen feature help you keep your info secure. Performance wise, the app is stable and responsive. To sum it up, a handy visualization tool that will help you set and achieve goals in a productive way. Check it out.

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