Wonder Park Magic Rides & Attractions Android App Review

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Wonder Park Magic Rides & Attractions Android App lets you create a theme park replete with wonders. You are entrusted to create this wonder park with attractions and magic rides. Just imagine the recent theme park you would have visited. List down all the rides you had taken. Now, see if you can fit in all those rides in this app. It is even more interesting that you are given the opportunity to manage the whole amusement park and earn some money. There are roller coasters, chomps, food stalls and more.

Make an empire and become the owner of an amusement park

Wonder Park Magic Rides & Attractions for Android is a beautiful, colorful and intuitive app that is easy to use. The journey of June to restore the wonder park is depicted beautifully. There are various features to help June in this mission. There are tools to create attractions like roller coasters, flying chairs, spinning tides, ferries wheel and more. Design and manage every area of the amusement park. Customize the park the way you want. Add decorations, roads, attractions and more. Create stalls to sell crafts, food and other collectibles. Happiness meter gets filled as and when you get visitors.

Collect wonder chimps and add them to the amusement park. The Wonder Park Magic Rides app regularly updates with more wonder chimps. Look out for Chimpan Zombies who are out to destroy the park. Cook popcorn, ice cream, burgers, candy and more. Fulfill your visitors quest and unlock more content. Gain more experience, manage the park and create your own fun place.


Wonder Park Magic Rides & Attractions Android App revolves around the story of June and her quest of saving an amusement park. The app is based on the new animated movie from paramount pictures. It is fun to help June restore and rediscover the amusement park. Visit your friends and share details with them. The app is free for download and use. The game is quite popular among kids with more than 500k downloads. There are ads placed by the developer. There are in-app purchases available in the app to purchase additional features.

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