YNAB Android Financial App Review

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YNAB for Android is a financial app that helps you plan and budget your expense in a simplified manner. A good financial plan should have a carefully planned budget and this is what You Need A Budget or YNAB app comes in handy. The app simplifies the process of budgeting and lets you plan your investments in a flexible way. It is not just a budgeting application but take a holistic approach by encouraging users to follow four successful mantra for budgeting.

Keep an eye on your expenses

YNAB for Android has features that let you manage your funds easily. The app syncs all your bank accounts in one place and offers access to all your data and share it with your partner. You can review the transactions of all your accounts in one place. You will have to set a financial goal and the app will let you track it. A detailed analysis and reports help you track trends in your income and expenditure. Log into your YNAB account anytime anywhere and check how you fair in your financials.

YNAB follow four successful rules to guarantee successful budgeting. Rule one is to track every single penny you are likely to spend. This way you will make informed decisions as to what you want your money to do before spending it. Rule two is to be honest with your expenses. You will have to break up bigger expenses in to smaller manageable monthly units. To manage your yearly expense, set aside a small amount on a monthly basis so you would not have to be on a crunch when you have to pay them. Rule 3 is how to manage months when you overspend. The app finds way where you can adjust and ease out the burden of over spending. Rule 4 is to follow the first 3 rules religiously you will find that the time gap between your income and spending increases, which is a very good sign.


YNAB for Android is quite popular and most used among people who really take budgeting seriously. If you are in a financial crisis and you are trying hard to save, YNAB is one sure tool you can try and implement. You will find that the solution provided slowly eases you out of your current situation and have started making money. The app is free for the first 34 days on use. To continue using the app, there is a minimum amount you need to pay on a monthly basis. This amount is refundable if you think you don’t have control of your money with YNAB.

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