YouTube Kids Android App Review

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YouTube Kids Android App is made just for kids. It is designed to give kids a more secured and contained experience. They will not be threatened by content not appropriate for their age. The app makes it simpler for the kids to explore video content. Parents can be at peace as they browse through content that is filtered for kids. It will be new experience as they discover exciting content that is both interesting and educational. They will find family friendly videos of all categories that ignites their curiosity. It is fun to watch them explore a whole new world.

Let The Kids Have Fun With Safe Content

YouTube Kids Android App is quite simple for a child to control. It is the most safest and secure online experience your child will experience. The app uses automated filters that is built in along with human reviews and parents feedback to curate content for the kids. There are chances that videos can slip through. The engineering team at YouTube is constantly improving the algorithm to make their filters work more efficiently. Parents can control and customize the settings.

The YouTube Kids App for Android let you limit the screen time. The watch it again page lets you see the pages they watched and understand their interests. You can block a video or a YouTube channel. The app lets you send alerts on inappropriate content. The child has to create eight profiles with different viewing preferences. Select the Approved Content Mode and the right age category that suits your child to create a safe experience.


YouTube Kids Android App is fun and safe for kids. It has a robust library filled with family friendly videos. The app requires parental setup information to give the best possible experience for the kids. The child may have to view paid videos and other sponsored videos from YouTube creators. The privacy and security is maintained even when the child is not using the Google account to use YouTube Kids. The app is free for download and use. There are ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.

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