Zip Code Tools App for iPhone Review

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Zip Code Tools app for iPhone is a handy reference application for looking up zip codes in the US. It is also possible to lookup area codes for phone numbers. So, next time, if you receive an unknown call, fire up Zip Code Tools to zero down to the area from which the call was originating. Zip Code Tools is a free application.

Zip Code Tools App Features

Zip Code Tools app for iPhone let you search zip codes and area codes info in United States. It also provides links to additional postal code information of some foreign countries. A notable feature of the app is that you can look up zip codes using multiple means. You can look up using GPS search, standard search, and state-by search. It is up to you to pick the method that you’re comfortable with. Zip Code Tools for iPhone interfaces with the proven database, which is quite popular in the US.

Zip Code Tools iPhone app also has a handy history feature that keeps track of your searches and allows for easy recall when you need it. Other features of Zip Code Tools for iPhone include zip code radius finder, zip code distance calculator, the option to find zip code on map and the one that let you find a post office in a given area. The app even provides information on population, demographics, geography, and links to Census data.

Zip Code Tools App for iPhone

One apparent downside of Zip Code Tools application is that zip codes outside US (including Canada and UK) are limited. Also the requirement to hit two buttons – Done and Lookup – after entering lookup info appears to be a bit of roundabout method. They could have implemented a more straightforward mode of search. Zip Code Tools is compatible with iOS versions 4.3 or later.


Zip Code Tools app for iPhone is a handy application that might come handy while you’re filling in the address of your parent’s new home and you’re not so sure about the zip code of the area. And next time when you receive a call from an unknown number, you can use the app to determine where the call originated from. Perhaps you can try Zip Code Tools out and see how far it is useful to you. After all, it is free.

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