ASKfm Android App Review

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ASKfm – Ask, Chat, Repeat Anonymously for Android allows users to anonymously leave comments and questions on other people’s profiles. We can sign up by using your Facebook or Twitter account or by making an account on The software makes it simple to post information on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, among other social networking platforms. Users may cross-post questions and answers to their Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as use the app directly from Facebook. After making an account on, users may fill out additional personal information and upload photos of themselves. Ask individuals in our area via Shoutout and establish friends with folks that we don’t know. The profile becomes public once the URL is published on the internet, and anybody can leave anonymous comments or ask questions. Users can also discover friends by searching for individuals they already know and entering usernames and emails.

Ask the world your queries

Users may also “follow” other users and ask questions once a profile is made public. On the site, there are daily and random questions to answer, and the main page is a stream of questions and comments. When a user opts out of the ‘ask anonymously’ option, they can choose to ask the question anonymously or enable their personal information to be displayed. Collect ASK coins to use in the ASKfm market for exclusive deals. Coins are the money that users get and utilise on askfm. Simply by replying and asking questions to other users, we may quickly earn money in the app. To gain early or even exclusive access to exclusive features, backdrops, and promotions, join the VIP programme. Response incentives are also being added to the app, with a fire button underneath each answer. If you appreciate another user’s response, you may reward it with a coin with only one press.

ASKfm Android App Review

Post Comments anonymously

For the posts from individuals you don’t know, a new stream has been established in your news. Discover is the stream, and it allows you to read the most fascinating responses as well as locate many well-known individuals in your area. Askfm will allow you to search for other users’ accounts and read their profiles from this page. The best part is that you can import contacts from Facebook and Twitter with this software. Overall, this programme provides a fantastic alternative for people all over the world to participate in a Q&A session.

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