Niagara Launcher Android App Review

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Niagara Launcher for Android is a simple, beautiful, and minimalist launcher that allows us to quickly access our favourite apps. One of Niagara Launcher’s most intriguing features is that it allows us to view messages directly from our home screen. We may see our incoming messages without having to open the messaging application by hovering over the symbol. The Niagara Launcher has a sleek appearance and takes up very little space. And, unlike many other launchers, it doesn’t include a slew of superfluous features that most users would never use, instead opting for a basic and functional UI. Niagara Launcher’s main goal is to make phones easier to use, regardless of how big or small they are. Instead of giving users multiple home screens to tweak and customise, Niagara Launcher only has one home page where everything happens.

Cool Customizable Features

While Niagara Launcher Android app focuses on making it simpler to use our phone with one hand, it also exists to make it easier to use the phone in other ways, such as using the Niagara Widget. This is the default widget in Niagara Launcher right out of the box. On the home screen, the Niagara Widget is located beneath the clock and displays the current date, weather, and any scheduled calendar appointments for the day. Niagara Launcher uses “Swipe Actions” instead of folders. Swiping right on an app icon displays app shortcuts that would typically be shown by holding down on an app in any other launcher, but users can also add other apps to this list in Niagara. When users tap on the widget, it expands to reveal a vertically scrolling list of calendar appointments for the following several days. Niagara Launcher’s simple and flowing design are two of its most essential features.

Niagara Launcher Android App Review

A handy launcher for android

On all phones, the home screen app works well. When we get a notice from Telegram, Slack, Gmail, or any other app, it shows right next to its related app on the home screen. Niagara Launcher is currently under development and has a thriving community. Niagara Launcher has outperformed the competition, especially for those searching for a solution to simplify their Android home screen experience and make one-handed use a reality. It’s one of the greatest Android applications accessible right now since it’s quick, functional, and handy.

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