Book Scanner Android App Review

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Book Scanner for Android can effortlessly capture all the pages in a book. It is like a book scanner that can capture the contents using your device camera. The app converts your phone into a brilliant scanner that will help you digitize your books and other documents easily. With a few taps you can easily capture the pages you want or the entire book. The app makes it easy to digitize invoices, receipts, articles, books or any other document. The app will also allow you to do it quickly and easily. Advanced features powered by rapid image processing with intelligent contrast will help capture best quality images.

Scan All Your Books In A Jiffy

Book Scanner for Android is a simple, intuitive and flexible app with top class scanning features. The app does rapid scanning with intelligent detection of borders. It has two local and six global control points to manually correct book frames which includes the frames. Zooming and cropping features will set the scanned pages. The app can capture images in both portrait and landscape modes. It has advanced technologies that focus on the main content. Pictures and text are intelligently detected and preserved and also tries to enhance the look and feel on the whole. It has magic mode filter that help you create clearer view. You can import images from other sources. It has the ability to save images in different file formats.

Book Scanner Android App Review

Top-notch Scanning Features

Book Scanner Android app is the most efficient and intelligent scanner that even detects and corrects borders of a book. It has the best edge and border detection which will allow to set a frame of the page in real time. It has the ability for advanced settings and complete pdf file customization. Optical character recognition is available for more than 40 different languages. You can save files as documents or as pdf files. Batch scanning mode is available to scan multiple documents. The app is free for download and use. There are in-app purchases available in the app to subscribe for advanced features.

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