Eon Music Player Android App Review

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Eon Music Player for Android provides music playing features that are highly customizable. The music player is minimalistic and have a clean and material design. A music player on the go with features that is just required. The music player supports all music file formats. It is like a local music library for all the music files you have been collecting. The app supports native language translation and you can also request new features. The app make listening to music a breeze with its simplistic features and interface that is easily customizable.

Listen to Music On The Go With This Aesthetic App

Eon for Android is a simple music playing app with minimalistic features and clean interface. It is easy to navigate and control. The drop down menu is well formatted. There are options to customize home screen where in you can include sections like artists, albums, genre, playlists, and folder. You can also remove pages from the home screen or also change the order of the page. There are no hidden menus or clutter. It is simple without any complex gimmicks. You get access to all the audio files and the folder views can be switched to hierarchical view. You have 4 themes that can be customized namely light, black, dark and transparent. There are two skins that can be customized. The folders come with filters that come with search. There are 12 different sizes of home screen widget.

Eon Music Player Android App Review


Eon Music Player for Android is a fairly simple one with features that can be customized easily. The app does not support download of music. It does not support keeping illegally acquired music. The app doesn’t allow streaming music either. It acts like a music library manager where you can add, edit and even listen to music. There are home screen widgets available in 12 different sizes. The app supports android jellybean and android Q. The app is free for download and use. There are in-app purchases available in the app for subscription of upgrades and advanced features.

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