bSafe Never Walk Alone Android App Review

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bSafe, available in Google Play Store, is an app that provides the much-needed safety when you are alone in the open. It is your personal safety app that helps you setup a security network of family and friends so you can get their help whenever you want. Like a guardian angel, the app protects you with features like alarm, video recording, live streaming and SOS button. The app is developed by a father and daughter duo after a sexual assault incident. Their aim is to provide a reliable and advanced safety apps that works anywhere in the world.

Be Safe With Your Own Guardian Angel In Your Pockets

bSafe is a powerful and advanced app that guarantees your safety wherever you are. Everyone who sees potential risks and threats can use the security services of this app. The powerful safety services include voice activation, fake calls, live streaming, Follow Me, audio and video recording. You can activate the SOS button with a tap or voice to enable the alarm. Once the SOS is enabled, the people whom you have added as guardians in your security network will be able to locate and track you. They can hear and see everything that is happening around you through live stream. The SOS also activate automatic recording of video and audio and the files will be sent to your guardian’s phone. You can activate fake calls to help you come out of unpleasant situations. You can invite as many people to be your guardian.

bSafe Android App Review


bSafe is an exclusive safety app that helps prevent violence and crime like rape and sexual assaults. It uses advanced technology to prevent, document threats and create evidences. You can get the app installed devices of your loved ones so they stay safe as the venture out to school, college and office. The combination of features available in the app allow parents to provide the required security for their children. The app is download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are in-app purchases available in the app to subscribe for advanced features.

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