WavePad Audio Editor Free Android App Review

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WavePad Audio Editor for Android provides professional audio and sound editing tools and features. It is an excellent tool for people who record, mix, and edit audio and sound files on the go. Turn your android device into an audio editor and work on creating the audio you need. You can edit MP3 or Wav files and other audio formats. It is a feature rich professional audio editor that can be used by amateurs who are not familiar with the technicalities of working with an app. Working on audio recording, editing, adding effects and sharing files is made very easy.

Get The Right Audio And Sounds With The Pro Audio Editor

WavePad Android app is a simple and easy to use sound and audio editor that is packed with features and tools. The user friendly interface will help you get quickly accustomed to all editing and effect features in a few minutes. It supports a file formats like MP3, Wav (GSM), Wav (PCM) and also AIFF. The editing features available in the app include pitch shifting, compression, auto trim, silence, insert, delete and cut/copy/paste. There are many more editing tools in the app. Some of the audio effects available with the app are echo, equalizer, reverse, reverb, envelope, normalize and amplify. The audio and sound restoration features include pop removal and noise reduction. There are hundreds of royalty free sound effects and music clips in the app. It supports both stereo and mono sample rates.

WavePad Audio Editor Free Android App Review


WavePad for Android is one of the best audio editor that works perfectly well on sound and audio files. It supports direct editing of waveforms. You can insert sound and audio from other files and also create new audio recordings. It is an ideal app for anyone who need to make a quick recording or editing. You get clarified audio files for all your needs. The app makes it very easy to save, send and share files. The app is free for download and use. There are in-app purchases available in the app to subscribe for advanced features.

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