CalcKit All-In-One Calculator Android App Review

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CalcKit for Android is an educational app that is known as the most powerful all in one calculator. There are about 150 unique features that range from unit converters to highly customizable scientific calculators. If need be, you can also build your own special purpose calculators. Most useful for teachers, students, engineers, builders and other professionals. The app can be used with ease and you can do normal and scientific calculation, electronics, financial and currency conversions, and much more tools and features that you don’t come across in a normal calculator.

CalcKit, a one stop shop for any calculations

CalcKit All-In-One Calculator for Android has a unique user interface that gives an unparalleled user experience. There different themes available that can be customized to suit your need. The light and dark themes are most useful when you work with the app during the day or night. The floating calculator widget can be quickly accessed from your home screen for any quick calculation. With over 150 different types of calculators and converters, CalcKit app is most useful for any professional as it easily help them solve complex problems. The scientific and RPN calculators are highly customizable and you can also create your on calculator with the available resources.

CalcKit All-In-One Calculator Android App Review

You can convert to about 160 currencies and these are available offline as well. CalcKit app allows you to input mathematical expression and gives you instant results. It has an integrated notepad where you can save your formulas and other equations. The unique search feature helps you find any expressions and equations immediately. The unique custom tool can create expression of up to 25 variables. For quick access, you can add shortcuts in home screen.

Free All-In-One Calculator App

CalcKit All-In-One Calculator for Android is worth exploring with its innovative tools and other features. The app is available in over 10 languages. Its features are applicable for everyday use and also for a huge variety of professional problems. For those who hate math, the app will become your best friend and you will start finding great interest solving tough mathematical equations. CalcKit app is free to download with in app purchases and ads.

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