AutoResponder for WA – Auto Reply Bot Android App

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AutoResponder for WA for Android is a tool that helps you automatically respond to WhatsApp messages. Used by over a billion users, WhatsApp is an increasingly popular messaging app. AutoResponder lets you create rules that need to be followed by WhatsApp to send auto responses.You can set up multiple responses for different groups or individual contacts. Time the responses with delays and other customizations using the features in settings. The app is easy to use and has ready to use and custom messages that can be used to send responses.

Be responsive and fetch more friends and businesses

AutoResponder for WA – Auto Reply Bot for Android is simple and intuitive and works really well the way you want it to work. As you download and open, the app requires you to grant permissions to access notifications. This will allow the app to find out if you have any messages in WhatsApp. The green button in the app allows you to create new rule to set and assign custom messages. You need to type the received messages that you may get and set a filter that allows exact matching or just the pattern. Next, type the reply you want to send and choose to whom you want to send this auto response and now you have all set to give auto responses.

AutoResponder for WA - Auto Reply Bot Android App

You can set different replies to specific message, welcome message and also ignore certain contacts. Automatic scheduler with delay is available as in app purchases. This is almost useful for small businesses where you need to send immediate responses and a standard reply. It does not update your last seen and online status. Your personal chat bot for all kind of purposes.


AutoResponder for WA – Auto Reply Bot for Android makes life more easier and helps you to be more responsive with your close contacts and business groups. It is most useful when you want to respond in a standard format to standard questions. Like for example, set an answer I am fine to the question ‘How Are You’. Whenever such a question is detected the app will respond with the set answer. This communication app is offered for free to use from Google Play.

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